What Curlers are the Best for Your Hair?

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Article Title Which Curlers are Best for your Hair?
Article Body There are so many curlers on the market that it’s hard to know which will not only work great but also be the best for your hair. Some curlers dry out hair and are difficult to use. Over the last 10 years, I’ve been curling my hair, the most effective curlers I’ve found are in the Caruso ProTraveler Molecular Steam Hairsetter, $37.99, at Amazon. You get curls that hold all day and they won’t damage your hair.


Using these curlers is very simple and takes less than 10 minutes, from start to finish. By the time I’m done applying my makeup, the curlers are ready to take out.


There are just four easy steps:


  1. Section hair
  2. Put curler on the steam base for 8 – 10 seconds
  3. Roll hair onto curlers
  4. Secure hair with attached covers


When time is at a premium, it’s nice to find a product that works with my busy life. I’ve had my Caruso curlers for 10 years, and they still work like the first day I bought them. I can purchase extra rollers online whenever I need more.


Caruso ProTraveler Molecular Steam curlers are gentle on hair and provide a nice shine. Consider your search for curlers over – you’ll be hooked on this time-saving miracle.


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Arbonne Article

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Article Title Why Arbonne Skin Care?
Article Body There are many skin care products but Arbonne has impressed me with their quality skin care line. Made with natural ingredients in Switzerland, you can’t help but think that they are going to be good for you.


I’ve used the anti-aging Arbonne NutriMinC RE9 line for many years. I know it’s a long name but once you try it you’ll say it with a smile. It contains high levels of Vitamin C and other ingredients to restore your skin to its original state. If you’re like me, then you want to delay the aging process for as long as possible.  When I use this line, I almost feel as if I can feel my skin regenerating at every step. Now who wouldn’t want that from their skin care line?


From cleansing to moisturizing, it takes less than 10 minutes. There are five steps in the Arbonne NutriMinC RE9 line and with each one, I feel as if I’m giving my skin a gift. Even after my very first regimen, my skin will felt softer and firmer.


These five simple steps are:

Step one: Cleanse with the NutriMinC RE9 Hydrating Wash

Step two: Spray on the NutriMinC RE9 Restoring Mist, Balancing Toner

Step three: Apply the NutriMinC RE9 Reactivating Facial Serum

Step four: Use the NutriMinC RE9 Corrective Eye Cream

Step five: Apply the NutriMinC RE9 Reality SF8 Day Cream


My Arbonne products last six months or more –   a little goes a long way. I definitely feel I’ve gotten my money’s worth, and since the Arbonne NutriMinC RE9 line, $33 – $298 online, is easy to find, I don’t have to worry about my supply running dry. Try Arbonne for yourself today



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Aveda Hair Products

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Article Title Surveying the Damage Un-done
Article Body Aveda creates magical cosmetics, perfumes and men’s skincare, but Aveda hair products are my favorite. Aveda Damage RemedyTM products are made with the care and organic ingredients that the company is known for.

Throughout the years, I’ve constantly changed my hair color and style, and my mane has paid the price. I thought the damage was irreversible until I came across  Aveda Damage Remedy products online. Each product in the line addressed my hair’s roughed up condition. Not only were the products effective, but they were reasonably priced compared to other leading salon brands.

The most cost-effective way to stock up on these goodies is to order the Damage Remedy Kit,$98 at Aveda.  It includes all you need to revitalize damaged hair, including  Restructuring Shampoo, Restructuring Conditioner, Intensive Restructuring Treatment, and Daily Hair Repair. The shampoo and conditioner restore your natural shine, while Daily Hair Repair protects your strands before styling.  The Intensive Restructuring Treatment is a weekly salve used for deep conditioning. My hair felt like silk and looked like glass after I used it. When using the Damage Remedy Kit, breakage is minimized, moisture is replenished, and hair is healthier.

I’ve tried numerous products unsuccessfully to repair my hair and get it back to a happy state. It wasn’t until I found Aveda hair products and the Damage Remedy Kit that I felt there might be hope. What took me 20 years to damage, the Aveda  Damage Remedy Kit took three weeks to repair.


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Is it Time for Hair Loss Shampoo?

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Article Title Is it Time for Hair Loss Shampoo?
Article Body If you have dull and thinning hair like me, then it’s probably time to use a hair loss shampoo. I fought using one for years but kept seeing more and more of my hair going down the drain. I thought that only older people lost their hair, and being in my mid-40s, I considered the idea that I needed hair loss shampoo absurd. But as more and more of my scalp started to show through my locks, I knew that no matter what, I needed to do something about it.


As you may know, there are lots of hair loss shampoos that promise to restore your hair to its natural fullness and luster. As I’ve found out, most don’t really work, and I’ve been left with both unused shampoo bottles and thinning hair. Before you rush out and start your own search, I highly recommend organic hair loss shampoo: It’s the best for your hair and can restore vitamins that other non-organic products take out. In turn, this will help stimulate hair growth.


An excellent hair loss shampoo is Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo, $9.79, online. Not only is this hair loss shampoo made from organic, natural ingredients, it’s also environmentally safe. The shampoo adds shine back to your hair and thickens it to boot. The natural ingredients leave hair feeling clean without stripping natural oils. After the first wash, you should notice a softer, fuller feel to your hair. I like to follow it with the Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Thickening Conditioner, $10.49, online, to give my hair a good defense against heat styling.


While we can’t prevent hair loss, we can at least reduce the appearance of thinning hair with a good hair loss shampoo. There are a lot of them out there, but in my opinion, an organic shampoo is best. Your hair deserves vitamins every bit as much as your body does.

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Nail Products can be Good for Your Nails

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Article Title Nail Products can be Good for Your Nails
Article Body When it comes to nail products Butter LONDON is at the top of my list. They have not only created great nail products that are beautiful in color but are also good for your nails. From nail treatments to nail lacquers, they have it all when it comes to the best nail products on the market today.

Their nail lacquers are chemical free and are healthy to use on your nails. Butter LONDON takes pride in making sure that their nail lacquers are free from the three major chemicals, formaldehyde, toluene and DBP (dibutyl phthalate), which are harmful to your nails and to your health.

Butter LONDON nail lacquers are unlike any nail products that you will ever use. They go on smoothly to the nail and usually one coat is all you need. Since they are free of chemicals they don’t smell up the room as you are painting your nails.

They have great packages which include the base and top coats with your color. It has been my experience with the colors that I have used that you really don’t need a base coat.  The nail lacquer, even when used alone, doesn’t stain your nails like some other nail products do. So if you’re in a hurry you don’t have to apply the base coat just put on the color and go.  It will still look great and not damage your nail underneath. The nail lacquer is $14.00 per bottle and is worth it.

Butter LONDON has a variety of colors with fun names such as Big Smoke, Fairy Lights and The Full Monty, to name a few. The company’s founder is from London and these nail lacquers reflect various places and people around this country. So not only are you using the best nail products for your nails but are having fun learning the unusual names.



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