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Article Title Surveying the Damage Un-done
Article Body Aveda creates magical cosmetics, perfumes and men’s skincare, but Aveda hair products are my favorite. Aveda Damage RemedyTM products are made with the care and organic ingredients that the company is known for.

Throughout the years, I’ve constantly changed my hair color and style, and my mane has paid the price. I thought the damage was irreversible until I came across  Aveda Damage Remedy products online. Each product in the line addressed my hair’s roughed up condition. Not only were the products effective, but they were reasonably priced compared to other leading salon brands.

The most cost-effective way to stock up on these goodies is to order the Damage Remedy Kit,$98 at Aveda.  It includes all you need to revitalize damaged hair, including  Restructuring Shampoo, Restructuring Conditioner, Intensive Restructuring Treatment, and Daily Hair Repair. The shampoo and conditioner restore your natural shine, while Daily Hair Repair protects your strands before styling.  The Intensive Restructuring Treatment is a weekly salve used for deep conditioning. My hair felt like silk and looked like glass after I used it. When using the Damage Remedy Kit, breakage is minimized, moisture is replenished, and hair is healthier.

I’ve tried numerous products unsuccessfully to repair my hair and get it back to a happy state. It wasn’t until I found Aveda hair products and the Damage Remedy Kit that I felt there might be hope. What took me 20 years to damage, the Aveda  Damage Remedy Kit took three weeks to repair.


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