Life is all about color. I am learning that we all have different colors in our lives that are hidden. Depending on what brings them out will determine the emotion that follows.

This picture best represents a few people that I have come in contact with over these years. I reconnected with a few old classmates and then had them fade off once again out of my life. History somehow repeats itself I presume. But what amazes me is the color that they brought to my life while they were in touch. The joy of hearing about their lives and how they were doing. Speaking to some was like we had never been apart but with others, the time had changed us and there was no going back.  It can be bittersweet for you so want it all to work out the way it once was. But the colors are not the same as they once were. Time has changed you both and there is no stopping time. So you enjoy the moment of reconnecting and remember the colors as you move along.

I think that we all have so many colors in our lives that it is hard to know which one to give life to. I tend to try to stay away from the “dramatic colors. They disrupt the beauty and you find that it is hard to enjoy life with them in it.



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