What do I write about?

I had to find the right photo here to start off this blog in style. In my opinion, there is nothing we can’t do when we set our mind to it. Maybe that is why I decided to write this blog. It is a work in progress for I am unsure exactly why I am writing this but it’ll hopefully come to me as time goes on. 

What has amazed me are all the blogs out there and their content. It has been a huge research project for me to find the one that I would like to emulate. I have still yet to find that perfect one. I doubt that there really is one. But I have found a wonderful blog that I not learned something from but bought her workbook. Her name is Kristen Kieffer. Her website: http://www.well-storied.com/ She really is amazing. Her archives are worth perusing.

So I start off my own blog off with you referring you to another one. Apparently, I have yet to learn what a blog really does, which is to keep you coming back to read MINE. Well, nonetheless, together we will get this. You are probably better at this than I already.

I do believe that we must question what it is we are writing about. It isn’t enough to just sit and write but to deliver something of value. I very much doubt that I am doing that here but hey, it’s my first real blog attempt and I am allowed a screw up or two.





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