Script Consultant vs. Screenplay Agent

I have recently been asked what is the difference between these two titles. When one is starting out it is important to know what to expect from your consultant and if you have one, your agent.

First, let me define the terms here:

A script consultant also called a script doctor, is a screenwriter or playwright. They’re hired to rewrite an existing script or polish specific aspects of it. This includes structure, characterization, dialogue, pacing, theme, and other elements. *Wikipedia

A screenplay agent is a broker, who will negotiate deals between screenwriters and the people who buy screenplays. These include producers, studio executives, and financiers.

It can be somewhat confusing, but once you know what to expect from each of these, there will be no bumps in your road to getting your script out there and sold.  At times, a consultant might have knowledge of those in the industry and might wish to promote your screenplay to them. But don’t count on this for it is a risky thing for them to do.

While these are separate jobs entirely, they need not be. I find though that it is best not to confuse the two for they are separate hats to wear. I stay true to one and if I wish to, I will move over to the other. But for now, I just read and help the writer make the most of their story.








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