Inspirational Books


A good friend of mine asked me for a list of inspirational books that would help her to write a story about her grandmother. After compiling it for her I thought it might be helpful to post it here on my blog too. Feel free to let me know and others what books inspire you to write or get you through tough times. 

Being a lover of all things books it was so much fun even therapeutic to look through my shelves. I have quite alot of them but never enough to suit me. But my family won’t let me get any more bookshelves until I weed through the ones I already have. So, since that isn’t going to happen I am forced to get more on my Kindle app! lol! I’ll show them! (evil prevails..) Continue reading

We are Writers

There is something about words that move me. If you are a writer, you know what I mean. They have a way of moving you when you least expect it. It is like the beat of a song, it carries you and then just as quickly as it began it is over. You are onto the next one hoping to find that right way of saying exactly how you feel.

I look out my window when I drive and just as a painter looks for that perfect scene to paint I look for an ideal way to write what I am looking at — hoping to capture it only as I see it in all its beauty. The words have to be right. But I get so caught up in the way to write that I lose focus on what it is that caught my attention in the first place. Then I close my eyes and remember the way I felt when I looked at it. Then the passion comes back, and once more I start writing from my heart.

So it’s the passion that sets us free. It’s like a brush stroke on a canvas; we must use our words as paint. I am convinced that there is passion in all of us to express ourselves, but it is those who can turn it into words that make the writer.

We are the lucky ones. We can create from anywhere or anything. We can look at the ocean, the mountains, the eagles, a dirt road and find a story. We can turn the ordinary into something extraordinary – we are writers.

Writer’s Digest Writing Competition Winner in Inspirational Writing Category

Writing Never Dies

1As I sit here listening to the song by Christina Perri, A Thousand Years, I am reminded what life is about. All the thoughts that I have had these past weeks have now caught up and I am silent no more. This song has inspired me to write from my heart.

I have had trouble finding my inspiration this week. Looking back at all that occurred I didn’t know how I could even sit and contemplate what to write let alone actually do the writing. But as it turns out a writer is still a writer through the pain. In fact, they are more of a writer than they ever thought they could be.

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The Three Things I Look For…

After reading many, many wonderful (and less than wonderful) screenplays, these are the three most common things I find that need addressing:

  1. A Story and B Story definition
  2. Character development
  3. Too wordy (show don’t tell)

Let me talk about each and you can put these to work in your own script. I reference Save the Cat by Blake Snyder, as the best screenwriting book to follow when defining these terms. 

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Finally Something to Say

I have debated whether or not to start a blog or restart one on writing. I read so many others and find that I might not have much of interest to say. But today I feel that I might. So here’s to a good try anyways.

I think that those that write are the most amazing people in the world. I think anyone that can create in this world is amazing honestly but writers are a bit closer to me at heart. Continue reading